New Apex Legends bug allows players to jump while downed

This bug could drastically alter how people play out teamfights.

jumping while downed bug
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Another day, another bug for Apex Legends. The newest exploit players have discovered allows anyone to jump around, even while in a downed state. This is a game-changing bug—it could help players avoid getting finished off by enemy combatants, while also continuously feeding information to their own teammates.

On the Apex Legends subreddit, a player posted a video of himself jumping while downed. He managed to hop into the back of a pickup truck, which allowed his teammate to safely revive him without having to worry about being seen by their opponents.

It is pretty simple to recreate this bug—simply press both the sprint and jump buttons at the same time, and you will hop in the air.

This bug is pretty significant because it allows players to give themselves better positioning to stay alive. Usually, you are at your most vulnerable when downed because you are in the same position and move relatively slowly, but this helps you avoid death.

This isn’t the first time that Apex Legends has had game-breaking bugs, too. Respawn Entertainment’s hit new battle royale had one of the most explosive opening months of any free-to-play BR, but a plethora of bugs, server issues, and hacker problems have hindered what was a strong start for Apex.