How to wall jump in Apex Legends

Wall jump is a way to get the edge on your opponents.

jumping while downed bug
Image via Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends, mobility is the key to getting the edge in a fight. There’s a variety of mechanics to get more mobility, like climbing walls and sliding.

One of the techniques discovered a few months after the game’s release is the wall jump. Rather than a game-breaking mechanic, the wall jump is a tool that can be used to trick opponents and move faster.

It can be useful in fights or chases in buildings to climb floors without using the stairs or ropes, giving you the element of surprise against an enemy.

The wall jump looks like this:

Video via Respawn Entertainment

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Contrary to how it may appear, the wall jump is easy to learn. You may even have already performed it without noticing it before. It will take only a minute to learn, but the hardest thing will be to remember to use it in fights. The only way to do that is to practice so that it becomes a reflex in-game.

It all lies in timing and aiming in the right direction. To wall jump, you have to slide toward the wall, jump on it, and then jump again while aiming at the other side of the wall. You can’t turn back too much, however, or it won’t work. That’s the most difficult part to learn.