How to open Apex’s vaults in World’s Edge

Keep your eyes peeled for a key.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Apex Legends’ season three kicked off in October, introducing the battle royale’s first new map since the game’s launch in February. With the addition of World’s Edge, many fans have been busy exploring the ins and outs of the map, but a few areas around the island have left players scratching their heads.

Three vault rooms are scattered across the map and are closed off behind locked doors. Players can peer into the room through the windows on the door to see a variety of purple and gold high-tiered loot. Unlike normal doors, however, the vaults’ doors can’t be opened by kicking or hacking with Crypto’s drone.

To open these doors, players will need to obtain a key. The vault keys resemble red squares and can be found in the cargo bots that fly around World’s Edge. The bots flash different colors to indicate the rarity of loot the bots will drop, but the vault keys have a chance of dropping from the drones regardless of when the cargo bots are shot down.

These bots usually linger around high traffic area, so players won’t be seeing them out in the open. Not every drone will drop a key, so players may have to shoot down multiple drones before they get lucky and find an access card.

Once they’ve obtained a vault key, players will need to travel to one of the three vaults scattered around World’s Edge. The vaults are highlighted on the map when a player is holding a vault key in their inventory. Upon reaching the vaults’ doors, players will be prompted to scan the key before the doors will swing open.


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