How to download the Apex Legends Next-Gen Update for PlayStation 5

It was about time.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The next generation of gaming consoles has been available in the market since 2020, but the transition to them has been slower than expected. Not only did the chip shortage affect the rollout of PlayStation 5, but the lack of native PS5 games also meant players would continue to play the PS4 version of their favorite games.

Apex Legends fans will no longer need to settle down with the PS4 version, however, as its PS5 version is finally making its debut with the Warriors Collection event.

The PS5/next-gen update won’t roll out like a usual patch. Players will need to perform the below tasks to install Apex’s PS5 version successfully to their consoles.

For players who previously downloaded Apex on PS5

  • Head over to Apex’s Game Hub.
  • While you’re inspecting Apex, choose Options next to the Play Game button.
  • Click on Select Version.
  • Choose the PS5 version to start the downloading process.
    • (You can delete Apex’s PS4 version after installing the PS5 one).

For players who don’t have Apex installed

  • Open up the Your Collection tab.
  • Find Apex and click on it.
  • Since you’ll be installing the game for the first time, you’ll be asked which version you’d like to install, and you’ll need to pick the PS5 version.

If you own an Xbox Series X|S, you won’t need to do anything to install the next-gen version as your console will automatically install the best Apex Legends version.