How much health do you have in Apex Legends?

It's important to know your numbers.

Image via Electronic Arts

One of the most popular games in the world is Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. The title has done a great job at nearly perfecting the formula for the last-man-standing mode.

Apex is one of the many games these days that show damage numbers when you shoot an enemy so you have an idea of how weak someone is after you deal damage to them. This isn’t just for show—it’s an important part of dominating the opposition.

Knowledge is power, and knowing how much health you and your enemy have is a crucial part of winning and losing games in the Frontier. Engagements are decided by movement and whether to take a fight depends on remaining health.

In Apex, each character has 100 points of health. The health pool is supplemented by shields, which can add up to 125 extra health when a red Evo Shield is equipped. On the shield bar, each segment is 25 points of extra health, so using shield cells or shield batteries to refill them is very important.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

But in the end, health is what matters. Once your health is depleted, you will go down, so make sure to use a syringe, med kit, or phoenix kit to keep your health pool topped off before you become a burden on your squad.

When you’re in a gunfight with an enemy, keep tabs on the damage numbers that appear above their heads. If you stay in the fight and prevent them from healing or replenishing shields, you can have an idea of how much health they have left and decide whether to push them to finish off the kill, or retreat and regroup with your team.