How many people are playing Apex Legends?

The number just keeps going up.

Apex Legends
Image via Apex Legends

When Apex Legends released in February, no one really knew how it would perform in an already over-saturated battle royale genre. Within days of its launch, however, it was apparent that the game was an instant hit.

In the opening three days of the game’s release, people rushed to download the new battle royale—millions of people, to be exact. After 72 hours, 10 million people had downloaded Respawn Entertainment’s latest game. For comparison, it took Fortnite two weeks to reach 10 million unique downloads.

One week after Apex’s release, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella gave an official update on the game’s player count. The 10 million downloads had more than doubled, reaching 25 million within the first week. And at Apex’s one-month anniversary? The number doubled again, and the battle royale logged a total of 50 million downloads.

Months have passed since the game celebrated this 50-million milestone. Apex is now in its third season and on its fourth event: the Halloween-themed Fight or Fright Collection. Kings Canyon is no longer Apex’s sole map and fans welcomed the battle royale’s third additional legend to the game with the start of season three. Over the past few months, Respawn has taken steps to beef up the battle royale’s anti-cheat system to address the onslaught of hackers—one of the game’s major downfalls—and has banned thousands of players.

A lot has changed in Apex since its release, but what about its player count?

Yesterday, Respawn announced that Apex reached a new milestone. The battle royale officially logged 70 million players, more than 20 million additional players since March. The number may not be as high as Fortnite’s 200 million unique download count, but it’s still impressive for a game that’s less than a year old.