Here are all the skins coming with Apex’s Escape battle pass

Let's get tropical.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 11 of Apex Legends is only a day away. And if the hype from a new map and character laden with several metric tons of lore wasn’t enough, Respawn Entertainment officially unveiled some of the cosmetics available to players through the Escape battle pass. You know, just to whet the appetite.

Today’s battle pass trailer shows off a set of skins that look like they were inspired partly by a tropical deserted island, and partly by post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque visuals—which makes sense, considering everyone will soon by playing a blood sport on a tropical island.

Some of the most notable inclusions are legendary skins for Mirage and Gibraltar, both of whom also received matching weapon skins to boot. Mirage’s Desert Mirage skin is paired with the new Cover Fire Spitfire skin, and Gibraltar’s Glorious Combatant look goes well with a new 30-30 Repeater skin, the Bucking Bronco.

Desert Mirage and Cover Fire

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Glorious Combatant and Bucking Bronco

Vision Walker and Compound Fracture

Wraith is receiving what looks like a new rare skin called Vision Walker, complete with skins for the Volt (Ante Up) and the Bocek Bow (Compound Fracture).

Image via Respawn Entertainment


The trailer also gives us a sneak peek at some legend and weapon skins coming in the battle pass, such as skins for Valkyrie, Rampart, and Loba.

Image via Respawn Entertainment


Image via Respawn Entertainment


Rampart aims a Prowler on Storm Point.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Finally, the trailer unveils what should be the level 100 reward on the battle pass, a new skin for the Prowler SMG called Pipe Dream. Given the theme woven throughout the other skins, this reactive skin looks gnarly, sporting a spinning chamber of sorts and a burst of flame exhaust coming from the sides when the weapon is used to down an enemy.

Pipe Dream

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Alongside an array of emotes, weapon charms, voicelines, and banner frames and poses, these skins will be available to all players who purchase the Escape battle pass when the newest season of Apex Legends is released on Nov. 2.


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