GMT Esports look ahead to LAN with big win halfway through 2022 EMEA Apex Pro League

Only 15 points separate the top ten teams as they compete for seats at the Stockholm LAN.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

EMEA’s truncated Apex Legends Pro League schedule continued this afternoon with two lobbies once again playing simultaneously.

In the clash between Groups A and C, GMT came out on top, shooting up eight places in the overall league standings and putting themselves in a good position to get a spot in the $1 million LAN playoff series in Stockholm at the end of April.

They accomplished this without a single win in the series of six games, which no one team was able to fully control. As the first game began, SCARZ had excellent high ground as play developed around The Mill, using two Tridents as cover and raining shots on opponents. Kungarna wiped an aggressive NAVI with big no-scope Kraber shots from Martin “Graceful” Wongphrom. More Kraber shots from Graceful gave the team kills, but a collapsing circle left him without teammates and few options for safety. Instead, Horizon, who had a position somewhat further from the thick of the action, were left as the only healthy team and had an easy finish for a win with 20 total points. 

Game two went down outside of Cenote Cave, where Players showed why they’re considered among the finest teams in the region, dispatching their rivals with confidence. Though Players walked away with the win, ANC Outplayed’s 13 kills gave them 20 points, one more than Players. 

In the final game on Storm Point, only 14 squads remained before the first round ended, possibly a symptom of the region’s recent distaste for the defensive-oriented Gibraltar. Acend, formerly NEW Esports, had control of the lone building in the endgame around Cliffside Depot and looked primed for a win. NAVI and Players rounded out the top three. NAVI and Acend fought first, leaving Players with a third-party attack to clinch their second win of the day. 

That game left Players almost 20 points ahead of the field going into the latter three games on World’s Edge. But the series went poorly from there for the lobby leaders. 

SCARZ took the win in a Landslide finish in game four, racking up 26 much-needed points. But GMT’s strong game left them in a tie with Players, both 15 points ahead of third-place SCARZ with two games to go. 

Game five developed outside Fragment East, where Players fell outside the top 10, putting a question mark on the likelihood of their victory. Instead, Acend took the win with a three-vs-one on Solaris.

In the last game, Kungarna’s Graceful once again got the Kraber in his hands, taking the team into the top five outside Harvester. But Turkish org ATK won with a well-timed push instead, ending the day on a good note for them. 

Despite not getting a win in six games, GMT netted enough points overall to take the series. They are now in third place in the league standings, just behind Players in first and Invictus in second. The league action continues tomorrow at 11am CT and will go through the weekend, finishing its improvised schedule on Monday, March 28.