Downfall is the latest leaked Apex Legends character

Find out what the pyromaniac’s kit might look like.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends data miners were in for a treat when Respawn’s developers mistakenly published unreleased characters to the game’s files. One data miner has revealed the 11th character on the list, Downfall.

Renown data miner That1MiningGuy introduced fans to Downfall, the Populist Pyromaniac, in a video today that gives insight as to what the character’s potential abilities will look like.

The data miner said that because the legend has few skins and no stances in the files, Downfall is likely the furthest character from development. Judging from the character’s tag of being a pyromaniac, it’s no surprise that their kit is centered around fire.

Here’s what the legend’s abilities might look like.

Passive ability: Burning Anger

Dealing damage builds rage. Filling your rage meter makes you immune to fire for 20 seconds.

“It’s sounds kind of lackluster,” That1MiningGuy said. “You would think that getting that rage… would cause you to have a bit more than fire immunity for 20 seconds.”

The data miner also said that the passive would benefit from dealing bonus damage when the rage meter builds up.

Tactical ability: Fire Sale

Drop a box of four Molotovs that anyone on your squad can pick up and throw. The Molotov Cocktail will be a fire bomb that sets enemies on fire.

Ultimate ability: Reign of Fire

Fire a cascade of incendiary rockets. That1MiningGuy believes this skill will be similar to Bangalore and Gibraltar’s ultimate, firing projectiles across a specific area that sets it on fire.

“I do not believe that this is going to be rockets that land, have a cool down, and then detonate,” That1MiningGuy said. “I believe these rockets may just be like a cascade that goes over a certain area, and completely catches that area on fire.”

These types of ultimate abilities are generally used to zone an enemy team, not allowing them to move past you and redirecting their path elsewhere.

By pairing Downfall’s tactical and ultimate ability with their passive ability, the character will likely be able to rush into the flames and pick off enemies while they’re burning up.

The data miner heavily criticized this character’s design, saying that Downfall isn’t exciting, needs more work to feel special, and that it’s already too similar to Bangalore.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information and That1MiningGuy admits that Downfall’s abilities could change in the future.

With one more leaked legend in the books, Apex fans have three more to look forward to.