Broken Moon’s best rat spot is above everyone’s heads in Apex Legends

They never look up.

The Perpetual Core POI on Broken Moon.
Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Broken Moon is no longer new, having been around for a couple weeks now and Apex Legends players successfully exploring and fighting through large swathes of the new map. As is the case with any map, however, there always seems to be new things to learn about it, and new places that you can play.

The Gaming Merchant has come through with a new one about Broken Moon, and it’s a rat spot that is just about unassailable if you get the right ring pulls and don’t have to worry about taking damage to zone. And like many of the best hiding spots in Apex, this hiding spot isn’t behind a tree, a bush, or under a staircase. It’s up above just about everything else.

The Core, one of the new POIs on Broken Moon, features one of Apex’s most time-honored traditions: a hole that you can skydive right through and land. It started on Kings Canyon with The Pit, World’s Edge got one with Bloodhound’s Trials, Hammond Labs on Olympus featured one and Storm Point boasts the giant tunnel through a mountain down into Command Center. You name the map, and there’s most likely a POI that requires some precise jumpmaster skills to fly directly down into.

Most of those POIs have out-of-bounds timers in the areas directly around the tubes and openings which players can skydive into. But The Core doesn’t have any out-of-bounds timer for landing up on top of The Core’s solar panel centrifuge. This means it’s essentially an unassailable place to hide if need be.

Only Valkyrie players can access this spot after dropping to the ground, as the height of the POI is almost exactly the same height Valk gets on her Skyward Dive ultimate from the center of the structure. Once you’ve popped the ultimate, just fly straight up and land on one of those solar panels. The game will naturally make you slide down toward the opening, but you can keep jumping, using Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets, and using the spinning blades to keep you high in the sky, away from everything and everyone else.

Unless a Bloodhound or a Crypto tries to check that exact spot, it seems pretty likely that no one can possibly figure out a player is hiding up there if and when it happens, and even those two scan characters might not be able to achieve the distance with their scan or drone to find you. It’s pretty much a perfect hiding spot. Until the ring forces you to move, that is.

This feels pretty broken, as there’s absolutely no way to get to a player hiding up there unless another Valkyrie uses her ultimate to level the playing field. If we had to hazard a guess, it would be that the flat surfaces of this POI get an out-of-bounds timer at some point in the future. But for now, live the rat life to the fullest.

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