Bocek Bow nerf ‘coming soon,’ according to creator

The weapon is extremely deadly in the right hands—maybe a bit too deadly.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Bocek Bow is in line for a nerf, according to its creator. David Bocek himself revealed that a nerf to its namesake is “coming soon,” although he didn’t specify what exactly will change about the bow.

The Bocek is the newest weapon in Apex Legends, but it quickly came under fire from parts of the community who believe it is overpowered. One of its main strengths is the fact that, unlike the firearms in the game, the Bocek is nearly silent. This lets players put in a few shots before the enemy even acknowledges their presence—an advantage that can be particularly lethal.

The Bocek hits hard, with around 70 damage on a body shot and approximately 100 damage on a headshot with a white helmet. Getting shot once already puts a player at a strong disadvantage, but it becomes increasingly hard to pinpoint the direction of the projectile.

In addition, it has a very fast reload speed and nocking animation, which makes it a strong threat at nearly all ranges. Its sheer damage output can even rival shotguns at close range, provided that players land their shots.

It’s unclear what Respawn will adjust in the weapon, although its raw damage and fast rate of fire (even faster with the Deadeye’s Tempo hop-up) could see some tweaks. Changing the Bocek could also involve adding a way to make it easier to track the arrows.

The timeframe for the adjustments, too, is open-ended. Respawn holds a major patch around the middle of each new season, which should be in roughly five weeks—although developers could deploy an early patch to change the Bocek.