Best counters to Vantage in Apex Legends

Turn the tables on the Sniper Savant.

Vantage and her bat Echo.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to her ability to gather information with just a single glance, Vantage entered Apex Legends by instantly becoming the game’s premier scout and sniper. She can quickly scan an enemy and immediately tell how many team members they have alive, what armors they have, and what legend they’re using. Pop a shot or two with her ultimate into that enemy and suddenly your team has damage buffs against them, giving you excellent control over the flow of battle.

Chances are you’ve seen the laser from Vantage’s rifle sweeping across the battlefield, and probably been hit by it more than a few times as well. And even if you enjoy playing Vantage yourself, going up against a good Vantage can be incredibly frustrating. 

If you’re tired of getting picked apart from long range and want to take the fight to her, here are some of the best counters to Vantage available in Apex right now.

Best counters to Vantage in Apex


Really, Revenant is sort of a counter to almost every legend since his Silence ability prevents legends from using their own abilities. But for some legends, that ability hurts more than others—and it really hurts Vantage.

Many Vantages are comfortable playing a bit further away from their teams, looking for off-angles from which they can easily tag opponents and create openings for their own squad. Normally, playing split like this is inherently risky since that enemy team could simply try to bully the Vantage all by herself and create a numbers advantage. Normally, the thing that prevents that from happening is Vantage’s Echo Relocation, which allows her to travel far distances in a short span of time, getting her to safety. If she’s not able to use that ability, however? She’s a sitting duck.

While playing Revenant, try to aim a well-placed Silence at enemy Vantages within range. If she gets hit and she’s by herself, chase her down. If she’s not alone, or she’s too far away for the team to get to before the Silence wears off, at least she’s not marking you with her ultimate or telling her team all about your whereabouts.


Fuse, as usual, is not a delicate solution to Vantage, but he is an effective one. Vantage is most comfortable when she has cover that she can easily peek out from and move around, surprising enemies who might expect her to keep peeking from the same exact spot. 

The logic of using Fuse against her is simple: deny her the ability to just sit behind cover and wait for her chance to peek out again. Use Knuckle Clusters, use grenades, even use The Motherlode to trap her in place and then spam her to death. The variety of projectiles Fuse has at his disposal just doesn’t give Vantage the chance to set up for any sort of close or mid-range engagements and can hurt her long-range ability to do so as well. 


Vantage is best at longer ranges first and then can move in with her team when they try to push another squad. She’s not a great brawling character thanks to her easy-to-hit character model, but she’s great when she can help orchestrate a fight from long range.

So, play Octane and get right in Vantage’s face. His stim can close the gap on enemy Vantages rapidly and if she tries to use her tactical for a quick getaway, Octane can use his Launch Pad for an even faster chase down. In general, the more uncomfortable you can make a Vantage by forcing her to fight up close and personal, the better.


Newcastle is a great defensive option against Vantage, simply because he has the most utility to deny Vantage the ability to do the things she’s best at. Both Newcastle’s Mobile Shield and Castle Wall can give your team more cover from Vantage’s fire and even give a Vantage on your team a nice head glitch to return fire from.

And if one of your teammates gets surprised by a Vantage from long range and taken down? Newcastle’s the only character in the game that can safely revive them, protecting both himself and his downed teammate from the follow-up long-range fire and giving your team a chance to reset before the enemy Vantage and her squad have a chance to close the distance. 


Ash combines Revenant’s ability to prevent enemy Vantages from getting away with Octane’s ability to close distances quickly. Catching out a Vantage away from her squad can be difficult with her tactical, but Ash has a tactical that prevents even the quickest of legends from escaping her snare.

If you manage to snare a Vantage that’s all by herself, it’s time to use the Phase Breach. Send yourself and some teammates flying into the enemy Vantage with a numbers advantage, then worry about the rest of her team. Just the threat of an Arc Snare or Phase Breach on top of an enemy Vantage team should be enough to make the Vantage think twice about taking an off-angle, and a Vantage that’s sticking with the rest of her squad is a Vantage that can’t surprise very easily.