Best Apex Legends settings for PC

The best settings for top-tier gameplay.

Image via EA

The settings you choose for Apex Legends and other FPS games can significantly impact your performance. Many streamers also change their settings to make their games look or play better, which you should do before starting a game. You don’t want to mess up your settings and ruin your gameplay or K/D ratio when calibrating them for the first time, though, so knowing the optimal settings is essential.

Instead of sticking to the default settings, use this guide to set up the perfect Apex settings to help you win. If you need a guide to help you because you have a weaker PC, we have one on the best Apex settings for low-end PCs. Starting with the tab on the most left of the settings and moving to the right, these are your best overall settings for the game.


Things like the minimap should fade out of the way until you need to see them. Furthermore, you should never use something like Auto-Sprint. In any situation, you must be able to react without needing to press a button to stop yourself from doing your current action. It’s better to hold a button and then react immediately to the situation.

  • Interact Prompt Style: Compact
  • Button Hints: Off
  • Crosshair Damage Feedback: X
  • Damage Numbers: Off
  • Ping Opacity: Faded
  • Obituaries: On
  • Minimap Rotation: On
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty: On
  • Auto-Sprint: Off
  • Double Tap Spring: On
  • Jetpack Control: Hold
  • Incoming Damage Feedback: 30
  • Taking Damage Closes Deathbox or Crafting Menu: On
  • Hop-Up Pop-up: On
    • This one is a little confusing. When you have a Hop-Up attached to a weapon, you need to have this on to see its UI. You should always have this on because it gives you more information as you play.
  • Streamer Mode: Off
    • This is up to you. This hides your name and the names of others so stream snipers can’t find you in-game.
  • Anonymous Mode: Disabled
  • Usage Sharing: Disabled
    • This has a small chance of slowing your speed slightly. Having it on doesn’t help you at all, so it’s better to have it off.
  • Performance Display: Off
  • Club Invites: Off
  • Reticle: Default
    • You can always change the color to something you prefer, but the white reticle works very well in our opinion.
  • Color Bline Mode: Off
    • This one is up to you because you can change the default color of items.
  • Subtitles: Off
  • Subtitle Size: Normal
  • Enable Accessible Chat Features: Off
  • Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text: Off
  • Play Incoming Chat as Speech: Off


Even though these settings are recommended, feel free to experiment since you might be used to a faster or slower mouse.

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 1.7
    • We recommend trying out this setting and then moving it around to see what works best for you.
  • ADS Mouse Sensitivity: You can find the best settings for this by scrolling down this guide.
  • Mouse Acceleration: Off
  • Mouse Invert: Off
    • It’s up to you since some people prefer inverted settings.
  • Lighting Effects: Off
    • It only changes the color of your keyboard keys, so you can have it on if you want, but be sure your keyboard supports it.

Under these settings are a way to customize your keys. We recommend sticking with the default settings since they’re already well designed. It won’t affect the other settings if you change some keys.

ADS Mouse Sensitivity

It is strongly recommended you do not make this too fast since the smaller your viewport becomes, the greater the chance of losing your target.

  • Per Optics ADS Sensitivity: On
  • 1x Optic/Iron Sights: 1.0
  • 2x Optic: 1.2
  • 3x Optic: 1.4
  • 4x Optic: 1.4
  • 6x Optic: 1.6
  • 8x Optic: 1.6
  • 10x Optic: 1.6


  • Button Layout
    • This changes the button settings; this is up to you.
  • Stick Layout: Default
  • Interact/Reload Button: Tap to Use and Reload
  • Crouch Button: Hold
  • Aim Button: Hold
  • Survival Slot Button: On
  • Trigger Deadzones: None
  • Menu Cursor Speed: A bit above the middle
    • You might feel more or less comfortable with some settings, so it’s up to you.
  • Look Sensitivity: Default (3)
  • Look Sensitivity (ADS): (Same)
  • Response Curve: Classic
  • Look Deadzone: Small
  • Movement Deadzone: Small
  • Inverted Look: Off
    • If you like inverted, have this on.
  • Vibration: On
  • Advanced Look Controls: See further below.

Advanced Look Controls

  • Custom Look Controls: On
  • Deadzone: 3%
  • Outer Threshold: 1%
  • Response Curve: 2
  • Per Optic Settings: Use the same settings as ADS Mouse Settings.
  • Yaw Speed: 321
  • Pitch Speed: 321
  • Turning Extra Yaw: 150
  • Turning Extra Pitch: 150
  • Turning Ramp-up Time: 0%
  • Turning Ramp-up Delay: 0%
  • ADS Yaw Speed: 100
  • ADS Pitch Speed: 100
  • ADS Turning Extra Yaw: 80
  • ADS Turning Extra Pitch: 80
  • ADS Turning Ramp-up Time: 0%
  • ADS Turning Ramp-up Delay: 0%
  • Target Compensation: On
  • Melee Target Compensation: On

Keep these last two on. Although you can change the others if you are more comfortable with them, the other two are crucial because they help you aim more accurately.


Setting everything as high as possible isn’t always worth it. Each setting improves the game’s look a little, and you can turn some down without much impact.

  • Display Mode: Full Screen
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (native)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (native)
  • Brightness: 50%
  • Field of View (FOV): 90
    • You can adjust this up depending on your screen, but if you only have a 24-inch monitor, keep it at 90.
  • FOV Ability Scaling: Enabled
  • Sprint View Shake: Minimal
  • V-Sync: Disabled
  • NVidia Reflex: Enabled + Boost
  • Adaptive Resolution FPS Target: 0
  • Anti-Aliasing: TSAA
  • Texture Streaming Budget: High (4GB VRAM)
    • This is pretty average, and you shouldn’t play if your PC doesn’t have this at a minimum, but you can turn it down if you need to lose some quality.
  • Texture Filtering: Bilinear
  • Ambient Occlusion Quality: Disabled
  • Sun Shadow Coverage: Low
  • Sun Shadow Detail: Low
  • Spot Shadow Detail: Disabled
  • Volumetric Lighting: Disabled
  • Dynamic Spot Shadows: Disabled
  • Model Detail: Low
  • Effects Detail: Low
  • Impact Marks: Disabled
  • Ragdolls: Low


It is convenient to have the audio set up so we don’t need to do anything except turn something up or down in the settings.

  • Master Volume: 80%
    • Go ahead and keep this at 100% if you have a speaker with a dial because you can change it pretty easily. If you’re using headphones, it’s best to set your PC audio and then change it in-game.
  • Voice Chat Input Device: Change this based on what you’re using to listen to the game.
  • Voice Chat Record Mode: Open Mic
  • Open Mic Record Threshold: 1300
  • Incoming Voice Chat Volume: 100%
  • Sound Effects Volume: 100%
  • Dialogue Volume: 80%
  • Music Volume: 40%
  • Lobby Music Volume: 20%
  • Sound in Background: Off
  • Play Incoming Text as Speech: Off
  • Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text: Off