Apex’s second Arenas Flash event now live through June 1

Earn battle pass progress, Apex Packs, and exclusive skins by playing the new game mode.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ash has another challenge in Apex Legends’ second Arenas Flash. The short mini-event will run from now until June 1 and will reward players with Apex Packs, battle pass progress, and three rare skins for Bloodhound, Wattson, and the EVA-8. And all it takes to get them is completing challenges in the new game mode.

Players must complete challenges to earn the event-exclusive rewards. The first level of each objective grants 100 to 200 points and the prizes will be unlocked after reaching a certain threshold in the event track. The new skins, however, are the highlight of the prize track.

Players who reach 2,000 points will get the Playing Koi cosmetic for the EVA-8, a design that (unsurprisingly) adds a finish with a Koi fish and a wave pattern to the shotgun. Wattson’s Kawaii Voltage cosmetic is unlocked at 3,000 points and changes the Static Defender’s outfit to a light pink and cyan color scheme featuring a series of kawaii symbols. Reaching the end of the track awards the Bright Plumage skin for Bloodhound, which dresses the legend in a bright, colorful outfit.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

In addition to the new cosmetics, players will earn 39 battle pass stars (equivalent to 3.9 levels) from the prize track alone, which can provide a quick boost to progress for players who want to rush through their remaining levels. Respawn is also awarding two Apex Packs—including one with a guaranteed chance of a purple reward—at 1,500 and 4,000 points, respectively.

The Arenas Flash is the second flash event that Apex has held for the new game mode. This one will run for exactly a week until June 1.

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