Apex’s next Stories from the Outlands drops Oct. 18

"Do you fear me, Pilot?"

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends is giving fans another episode of Stories from the Outlands on Monday, Oct. 18, according to an official announcement from today. This means fans will likely get a glimpse at the season 11 legend when the cinematic debuts.

This episode of Stories from the Outlands will likely shed some light on the next legend or at least the next plot developments coming in with season 11, and Ash will seemingly play a vital role in whatever Respawn has in stock for the hero shooter.

The official tweet with the announcement shows a picture of what looks like a brain and is captioned “68241,” a reference to yesterday’s Twitter comic. Horizon used the string of numbers to disable Ash’s simulacrum programming and restore memories of her previous life, similar to what happened to Revenant.

Horizon wanted to access Ash’s old memories because she believed the simulacrum was in fact Lilian Peck, the founder of Olympus. She turned out to be Dr. Ashleigh Reid instead.

Although the video isn’t available yet, its thumbnail shows what looks like a robotic eye. It could belong to Ash, given her recent role in the lore of Apex.

Stories from the Outlands is one of Respawn Entertainment’s methods of choice for delivering lore on new and old legends alike. The company has delivered an episode of the series ahead of each new seasonal launch to shed some light on each new legend, a practice that started when Wattson debuted in season two.

More recently, the “Metamorphosis” short gave fans a glimpse of Seer ahead of his debut in season 10—one of the few times the legend appeared before his official release.

The next episode of Stories from the Outlands debuts on Oct. 18 at 10am CT.