When Does the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event Begin?

The event will introduce Prestige and Squad skins.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The third anniversary of EA’s battle royale Apex Legends has arrived, and in celebration, the game is set to host a Collection Event complete with the introduction of a new concept to the game—Prestige Skins.

The Third Anniversary Collection Event will last for the second half of February, starting on Tuesday, Feb. 15 and running through March 1. And along with some of the Collection Event staples, like a reward tracker, Apex is adding a new rarity of skin and squad skins.

Called Prestige skins, the new cosmetics have three tiers to them that can be unlocked as you complete challenges related to the skin tiers. Owning a Prestige skin will unlock the base tier of the skin. But after that, you get tiers two and three without paying anything. Instead, you simply play to earn them. Players can use any tier of the skin they wish once they are unlocked.

Legendary Squad skins are another new concept coming to the game for purchase. The skins match a theme across different characters, allowing you to coordinate your skin with people you play with so you can all match in-game.

Additionally, the in-game store will update every few days so that players can buy a slew of cosmetics coming to Apex during the two-week event.