Apex Legends characters receive a slew of tweaks in season 7 patch, including changes to Mirage’s Decoy, Pathfinder’s hitbox, and Caustic’s gas

The patch should go live Nov. 4.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Grab your coffee and reading glasses—today’s Apex Legends patch notes are a doozey.

Respawn released the season seven patch notes, which include a myriad of changes to a number of legends. Bangalore, Mirage, Octane, Wattson, Rampart, and Loba are all getting slight buffs, with some other tweaks to Caustic and Pathfinder’s kit.

Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder will explode two seconds sooner now, at the six-second mark. This should help offer the same amount of zoning potential while forcing a team to get out quicker.

Mirage’s Decoys are getting some much-needed love with their health now at 45. Enemies should now commit more time to attacking a clone, allowing you to take advantage of their brief lapse in focus. Octane’s healing rate is doubled, from 0.5 health per second to one, and Wattson’s fences deal 15 damage per touch (up from 10).

Loba’s Black Market will allow players to grab ammo without counting toward the maximum slots. And Rampart’s Sheila and Amped Wall startup will be reduced to help her get set up quicker and rain down bullets.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Caustic changes are a double-edged sword. Players’ vision will no longer get blurred when standing in a Nox Gas Trap or grenade because Respawn felt it was “extremely hard to fight back” in. To compensate, the gas will now deal six to 12 ticks of damage, up from four to 10.

And Pathfinder was adjusted but didn’t receive the buff players wanted. The lovable robot will continue to have the Low Profile debuff and changes to his hitbox should remove a lot of negative space between his arms and legs. If his win rate is negatively impacted by these changes, Respawn said it will “drop” Low Profile.

The robot is also getting changes to his Grappling Hook, which will no longer require you to hit the ground to be considered finished. Respawn doesn’t want to punish players for “chaining grappling hook perfectly into other movement mechanics.” The ability’s cooldown was dropped to 30 seconds, with a cap of 35 seconds depending on how much airtime you get.

Apex season seven, Ascension, kicks off Nov. 4.