Apex players discover how to glitch into explosive holds

No grenade required.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A pair of enterprising Apex Legends players have demonstrated an exploit that allows players to enter explosive holds without opening the doors.

Reddit user RossBobSquirrel shared a video of the exploit that featured them and a friend hanging out inside one of Kings Canyon’s explosive holds. While the video doesn’t explain how they got into the hold without blowing the doors open, it does show them giving another squad the scare of their lives.

While RossBobSquirrel and crew are standing inside the hold, the enemy squad attempts to open the hold the usual way with a grenade. As soon as the doors pop open, RossBobSquirrel starts taking shots at the enemy squad, chasing them to the top of the hold and scaring them away. Who knew Apex was a horror game?

Understandably, the first question on many commenters’ minds was what developer Respawn would think of the exploit. One viewer called the video “How to get banned in 60 seconds,” which RossBobSquirrel agreed with.

While the clip that was shared didn’t have instructions on how to perform the exploit, some viewers speculated that it had something to do with Revenant’s Death Totem ultimate, which has caused a variety of similar bugs and exploits in the past. RossBobSquirrel said in a comment that they hope the exploit is patched before season 12’s second ranked split begins since the ranked map in question will be Kings Canyon. Bringing the bug to Respawn’s attention could have a positive effect before the real fights begin in ranked.