Apex players compile loot maps for Déjà Loot in Kings Canyon

Knockdown shield here, level four.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Déjà Loot limited-time mode has moved to Kings Canyon and the community is following close behind. Players have compiled loot maps for the LTM, listing where to find the best and most sought after loot.

In Déjà Loot, items will spawn in the exact same place for as long as the event is running. Other randomized elements, such as the dropship’s flight path and the ring’s closing pattern, will only change once every day. The LTM removes the inherent randomness from the battle royale and allows players to plan their rotations in advance.

The first map is the result of a “whole day getting chased down by squads,” as the author put it. The map lists the locations for several items of different rarities. Hydro Dam and its surroundings are heavy with high-level loot, according to the map. The buildings behind Hydro house a gold Barrel Stabilizer and backpack, while the passage west of Repulsor reportedly contains a gold body shield. The resource doesn’t list weapon locations, however.

Another player also created an interactive, community-sourced map. It allows players to contribute in real-time with all categories and rarities of loot—including specific weapon spawn locations—and displays the dropship flight path and ring pattern for the day. The map gives the most holistic version of Kings Canyon and allows players to carefully plan their movements ahead of matches. A troll filled the map with endless Mozambique pings, but the author fixed the resource and returned it to its functioning state.

Déjà Loot is part of Apex’s System Override collection event, which brought dozens of new cosmetics, a series of balancing changes, and an heirloom set for Octane. Players have until March 17 to acquire event-specific items and play the limited-time mode before they disappear out of rotation—with the exception of Octane’s heirloom, which will still be available for purchase with heirloom tokens.

Update March 11 10:07 am CT: A previous version of this article mentioned that a troll bombarded the interactive map with fake information. The author has fixed the issue and we’ve updated the article to reflect that change.