Apex player uses Wraith to pull off big-brain portal play that completely fools enemy Valkyrie

The opponent might have to take a little break after that one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ Mirage isn’t the only character who can bamboozle an enemy.

One Apex player used Wraith’s Dimensional Drift to completely outplay their opponent, posting a video of their achievement earlier today. Using both ends of a portal, the player skillfully bobbed back and forth between them until their target was eliminated.

While traversing on the outskirts of a World’s Edge ring, the player encountered an enemy Valkyrie hiding in a building. After taking considerable damage, the Wraith started to shield up while using the outside door as cover. But with Valk kicking the door down from the other side, the player had to think on their feet.

The player placed a teleporter at the door and wrapped around the back door of the building to leave the other end of Dimensional Drift, using Into the Void to avoid taking any ring damage. After healing up a bit more, the Wraith player began their assault by tossing some grenades in the front door for chip damage. The player then took the teleporter to the back door and started shooting the unsuspecting Valk from behind to break their shields.

Wraith then hopped back into the teleporter one last time to catch their enemy off guard and finish them off.