Apex player leaves electrified Wattson traps on enemy Revenant Death Totem, wipes out entire squad

That must have hertz.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player delivered a shocking surprise to one unsuspecting squad.

One Wattson player spotted Revenant’s Death Totem and decided to leave a little gift for their enemies, posting a video of the hilarious interaction last night.

The Wattson player saw Death Totem on an Olympus structure and used a balloon to get a closer look. With all three enemies under the effect of the totem, the player set up some electrified fences. After the traps were all set up, all they had to do was wait patiently.

Once the enemies’ death protection wore off, they teleported back to Revenant’s totem. While they likely thought they’d have a chance to recuperate before jumping back into the fray, they were met with bullets and a high dose of volts.

As each enemy piled in and were slowed from the fences, they were immediately gunned down. The first two enemies got slowed and wiped out by a full Volt SMG clip, while the third got a taste of the Flatline. The result was three easy kills for the Wattson player without losing a sweat.