Apex player lands 3 cross-map Arc Stars in Arenas

Arc Star, going long.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player has given new meaning to the phrase “going long” with three incredible blind Arc Star throws.

Reddit user talalm5 shared a clip of the play to Reddit, and it’s already earning tons of acclaim. At the start of the video, talalm5 stands at the ready in spawn on the Phase Runner Arenas map, pulling out an Arc Star for good measure.

As soon as the gate opens, they immediately shoot three Arc Stars toward the opposing team’s spawn without taking even a single step forward. After a long moment, the Arc Stars result in two very satisfying shield cracks and one downed opponent. The play wouldn’t have been possible without Fuse’s increased grenade range and accuracy, but even so, it’s a one in a million play.

As expected, viewers left lots of admiring comments for talam5. “I would have uninstalled,” said one popular comment. “You’re an inspiration to Fuse mains around the globe,” replied another. (As a Fuse main myself, I have to agree with that one.)

Other players said they desperately wished Apex had a kill cam for this very reason. Many called talalm5’s shots a “line-up,” a tactic used in games like CS:GO and VALORANT where players move and position in a specific way to make sure their shots and abilities land correctly. Based on their movements, it seems as though talalm5 knew exactly what they were doing, so we might see more incredible plays from them soon.