Apex player highlights possible bug preventing Rampart from deploying wall

Remember this next time you're in the tunnel.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player encountered a potential bug preventing them from deploying Rampart’s wall while in a tunnel on Olympus. The wall can typically be deployed in tight spaces, but this area seemingly prevents it from being placed. 

The player was in a gunfight with another team while in a tunnel on Olympus when they tried to deploy their wall to help their team. The player tried multiple times to use Rampart’s ability, but they could not deploy it anywhere in the tunnel. 

The player was eventually downed because of the lack of cover, which would likely have been prevented if the wall deployed. After being revived by their teammate, they attempted to place the wall in a different spot of the tunnel, but it could still not be placed. 

Other players discussed the possibility of the tunnel being too small for the wall, but it can be placed in tighter spots. Some explained that it might be a bug with the ground of the tunnel, making it an invalid place for the wall. According to other players, Rampart’s wall cannot be placed on certain rooftops around the map.

Caustic players confirmed he can place his gas traps in the tunnel and that the bug does not affect all abilities. 

It is unlikely Rampart’s wall is intentionally prevented from being placed in the tunnel, since it renders the ability useless. Respawn has not responded to the bug yet, but players may see a fix in the future.