Apex player gets beat down by Pathfinder melee exploit

"Caught me way off."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Pathfinder is typically a nonthreatening lovable robot. But one player discovered his more intimidating side.

One unfortunate fan ran into a Pathfinder player who beat him down by seemingly using a melee exploit, posting a video of the interaction yesterday. And since the Pathfinder’s name was allegedly “No guns No problem,” according to the player, they appeared to be confident in engaging without a weapon.

The player landed and immediately grabbed an EVA-8 Auto for protection. When the enemy Pathfinder entered the same building, the player used the shotgun to quickly take out the robot’s shield. Even though the Pathfinder briefly fled, they came back unarmed shortly after and went on the offensive.

Pathfinder began beating down the player with melee attacks in quick succession, not leaving room for any counterplay. The player was then eliminated from the match, exclaiming “what the fuck is that?” during the death screen.

YouTuber Mokeysniper posted a video on how to reproduce the melee exploit on Sept. 8. It appears that using Pathfinder’s Grapple Hook above the enemy’s head, followed by melee, crouch, and then spamming melee, you can continuously beat your opponent until they get taken out.

It’s unclear if the exploit is on Respawn’s radar. But if it continues to adversely affect gameplay, the devs will likely patch it out.