Apex Legends’ War Games event set to go live next week

Get ready to enjoy five new game modes.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legends players can experience five new game modes in the War Games event starting on April 13. The new modes will take turns replacing standard playlists throughout the two-week event. 

Second Chance is the first new game mode that grants each legend one free respawn per match. When a player dies, they respawn at their current location after a short period with all their weapons and gear. They’ll skydive back into the map without penalty. The Assassin, Wake, and Wrath badges will be unavailable in this mode since it makes them easier to unlock. 

Ultra Zones adds several hot zones to a map, which means players can find high-tier loot in multiple locations. Each Hot Zone is also covered in a Flash Point that replenishes HP and Shields to players standing inside it. 

The Auto Banners game mode automatically retrieves Banner Cards from a dead teammate’s body. This allows players to immediately move toward a Respawn Beacon without having to loot a body. The loot pool is also adjusted in this mode to allow players to find more Mobile Respawn Beacons. 

Killing Time reduces the round time in a match each time a legend is killed. If multiple players die in a round, players can expect the ring to close a lot faster than usual. 

The final new mode, Armor Regen, allows armor to regenerate over time. Armor will regenerate at 12 points per second and will begin regenerating eight seconds after taking damage. If your armor is destroyed, the delay is doubled to 16 seconds. An essential change in the Armor Regen mode is that there are no Shield Cells in the loot pool. 

Here’s the schedule for the rotating War Games modes:

  • Second Chance: Tuesday, April 13 to Thursday, April 15
  • Ultra Zones: Thursday, April 15 to Monday, April 19
  • Auto Banners: Monday, April 19 to Wednesday, April 21
  • Killing Time: Wednesday, April 21 to Friday, April 23
  • Armor Regen: Friday, April 23 to Tuesday, April 27

Players can also enjoy a War Games rewards track that includes weapon skins, unlockable battle pass levels, and other cosmetic items. 

The Apex War Games event begins on April 13 and ends on April 27. Make sure to enjoy the new modes while they’re available.