Apex Legends teases new legend with keycards, holo-sprays, and an invitation to the Arena

And it links back to the mysterious platform in the Firing Range.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The teasers for the next character in Apex Legends just reached the Apex Games.

Starting today, players can gather keycards as part of the new legend teaser and get invited to “prove their worth in the Arena” and activate the platform in the Firing Range. Interacting with it, however, requires a small scavenger hunt.

The keycards will drop from care packages during matches. Getting them is the first step in the teaser, but it’s definitely not the last. Grabbing a keycard will show a message about ring interference, so players need to try it somewhere outside of the ring—more specifically, the main menu.

The card will be visible in the corner of the lobby and clicking it will open up an invitation. “If fame and fortune is all you seek, Legend, your path ends here,” the message reads. “But a new challenge awaits those who wish to prove their worth in the Arena.” Players will also receive a set of objectives to scan three holo-sprays in Kings Canyon and another three on Olympus.

The holo-sprays will spawn across matches in both Olympus and Kings Canyon. You can scan them over multiple matches, but only three of them will spawn in any instance of the game, according to data miner Shrugtal. He compiled a map of possible spawn locations across both maps.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment/Shrugtal

After grabbing the holo-sprays in both Kings Canyon and Olympus, players will receive a challenge to enter the passcode at the Firing Range alone. Upon entering the training grounds, a marker will point the way to the console on the platform. The password unlocks the console, although it’s on a timed countdown until April 20—similar to how the loot bunkers in Kings Canyon were on a timer before players could enter them.

It’s still unclear what will happen on April 20, but Respawn teased a date in its 100 million player milestone video: April 19. This means that next week will be a busy one for Apex fans as the build-up to season nine takes off with full steam.