Apex Legends’ season 7 will move the R-99 to floor loot and the Prowler to the Care Package

At least you won't have to worry about finding a Selectfire.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A familiar favorite is returning to Apex Legends. The R-99 SMG is going back to floor loot in season seven, while the heavy-ammo Prowler will drop exclusively from Care Packages when the new season launches.

“We’re pulling the R-99 from the Care Package and putting it back on ground loot and, I believe, the Prowler is going into the Care Package,” game director Chad Grenier confirmed in a virtual press briefing.

The R-99 is one of the most popular weapons in Apex due to its fast rate of fire. Respawn made it a Care Package weapon in season six, but it’ll go back to spawning as ground loot in the next season (and subject to crafting rotations).

The Prowler is a burst-fire SMG that thrives when coupled with the purple-rarity Selectfire Receiver hop-up, which lets players fire the gun in full-auto. The weapon became more popular with the R-99’s move to Care Package territory in the previous season but also found a hefty competitor: the newly-released Volt SMG.

These changes to the loot pool will likely come with a few balancing adjustments. The R-99 may return to its original state before its stint inside Care Packages, while the Prowler may gain extra firepower fitting of its status as a rare weapon. Players also won’t have to hunt for Selectfires when obtaining it from Care Packages.

Unlike its predecessor, season seven, Ascension, won’t add another weapon to the battle royale, which makes the loot pool fairly stable depending on the planned changes for the new season.

Apex‘s seventh season will likely bring more balancing tweaks to other weapons and legends, but players will have to wait until Respawn officially releases the patch notes to see what’s in stock for the next season. Season seven begins on Nov. 4.