Apex Legends’ season 7 quest comic will focus on Lifeline, Octane, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder

The new quest won't have any PvE content.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season seven quest will shed some light on the past of Lifeline, Octane, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder. The comic is called “Family Portrait” and promises to answer some mysteries that have surrounded the two Olympus natives since the end of season five.

“The hunt for an antique battery forces Lifeline, Gibraltar, Octane, and Pathfinder to confront their pasts as families are reunited, secrets are uncovered, and their loved ones are taken hostage,” the quest description reads.

In the story, Pathfinder finds an outdated, inactive MRVN. The legends intend to power it up, but to get the robot up and running, it requires a specific, vintage battery—and Lifeline knows just who might have it in stock.

Respawn teased that returning to Olympus could unearth hidden secrets in Lifeline and Octane’s pasts. The two were born and raised in the city and the end of the season five quest showed a terrified Octane after Ash mentioned two names from their past: “Darion” and “Duardo,” two unknown characters (for now) who could make an appearance over the course of the story.

Like its predecessor, “Family Portrait” will feature a comic divided into weekly installments but won’t have any hunts like Apex‘s first quest. To bring the story to life, Respawn drafted the help of comic artist Valeria Favoccia and colorist Antonio Fabela.

To unlock each part of the comic, players must gather Treasure Packs, located in supply bins randomly scattered across the Outlands. New pages become available every week and it takes five Treasure Packs to reveal each part. But the catch is players can only acquire one Treasure Pack per day.