Apex Legends’ season 11 to be named Escape, will feature C.A.R. SMG

The long-awaited Ash is finally joining the fight.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

During today’s Stories from the Outlands premiere, Respawn Entertainment revealed new details about the upcoming season 11 of Apex Legends.

Season 11 will be called Escape, according to a new page on the Apex website. The page confirms Ash will be the next legend. While EA and Respawn didn’t show off any of her gameplay or abilities, she can be seen carrying a large sword in her art, making many wonder if it will come into play in one or more of her abilities. Her character description reads, “Ash is done just overseeing the games: she’s ready to win them and prove she’s the Apex Predator.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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The website also shows off the latest weapon, the C.A.R. SMG. Respawn calls it “a flexible weapon,” stating it’s “the gun for when you’re ready to make a stand and become the last Legend still standing.” The C.A.R. joins the Volt, the R-99, the Prowler, and the Alternator on Apex’s list of SMGs. It’s not clear just yet what ammo category the C.A.R. falls into.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Though it’s not accompanied by an image, the site also contains a block of text that reads: “A Storm Is Brewing: No matter how beautiful it seems, every corner of the Outlands is a dangerous place. You’d be wise to remember that.” This is likely a teaser for a new battle royale map, which leaks have been pointing to for a while now. It seems as though the map will be tropical-themed, which matches the name Escape (i.e., “tropical escape”).

Beyond this new information, the site also contains details on Escape’s battle pass—which will include the usual new skins, XP boosts, and more—and the new ranked season, which will begin right at the start of season 11.