Apex Legends players will drop with a ‘Starter Kit’ in Legacy, includes level-one gear and meds

White Helmets and Knockdown Shields will be removed from ground loot.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will drop into the Games a bit more prepared for a firefight next season.

Respawn released the Apex Legends: Legacy patch notes today, outlining all the balance changes and new content players can expect in the battle royale’s ninth season. And a new “Starter Kit” will offer the essentials and increase the importance of looting, while removing underwhelming white equipment for good.

“We’ve wanted to take a crack at improving the loot game for a while, with our design goals being to make picking up loot feel more impactful to the game, and to thin out our loot a bit in general, since we’re always adding new items to the pool,” the patch notes read.

Players will now begin a match with a level one EVO Shield, Helmet, and Knockdown Shield, as well as two Shield Cells and two Syringes. Since this change will give you basic gear, Respawn is removing white Helmets and Knockdown Shields from the loot pool. The improvement will make finding high-tier loot more exciting and eliminate the clutter of useless equipment.

“Their power is practically invisible, so they don’t really feel like a character improvement in the way that things like, say, a Backpack feels,” Respawn said.

Starter Kits will also make hot drops a better sell, letting you dive into a hectic gunfight with basic gear and meds. For players who enjoy action from the get-go, you’ll be more prepared and can immediately focus on strapping yourself with a weapon to take out the competition.

Apex: Legacy kicks off on May 4, introducing the legend Valkyrie and the new Arenas versus mode.

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