Apex Legends players can now reconnect to matches

The new feature lets you jump right back into the action.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Players who unexpectedly disconnect from a match in Apex Legends now have the option to rejoin the match. This is a major change and huge benefit who accidentally close their game or lose connection mid-match.

The new reconnect option does not apply to players who left the game through the system menu and only is available for players who disconnected in an “unexpected” way. This includes players whose game crashed, using alt+F4 on PC and “dashboarding” on console, which means exiting to the home menu without leaving the game.

Players will reconnect to their match after restarting the game if the match is still valid, their squad is still alive, and if their chance to reconnect has not expired. The reconnect option will be available in all competitive modes in Apex Legends.

Players who disconnect will remain in the same location and state until they reconnect. Their teammates will see an icon next to their name that shows they have disconnected, and the players will start right where they left off when they reconnect.

Players can still take damage and be eliminated while disconnected, but their banner can still be recovered, and they can respawn normally at a respawn beacon after reconnecting.

Players who do not reconnect in time will be removed from the match and the match will count as abandoned. Players in Ranked will receive a loss penalty if they do not reconnect in time, so make sure to reconnect quickly if you experience this issue.

Loss forgiveness does not activate until a player is fully removed from the match, so make sure to stick around while your teammate has a chance to reconnect before leaving the match.