Apex Legends player encounters error that may hint at upcoming deathcam feature

Respawn hasn't confirmed the fan-requested feature.

Image via Electronic Arts

One Apex player experienced a peculiar error while playing limited-time mode Winter Express, posting the oddity to Reddit today.

“I had a weird error during a game of Winter Express,” the player said. “Might be a possible hint at DEATHCAM coming soon?”

After dying, “Connection Error 237” appeared on the player’s screen. But what’s even more bizarre was a “skip replay” command that’s seemingly completed by hitting the space bar for PC users. The player believes that code for a potential deathcam may have accidentally slipped through.

Apex theorist FrozenFroh commented on the Reddit post, explaining that there’s likely deathcam code in the battle royale since it was a feature in Titanfall 2. But this isn’t enough information to go on.

“Glitching or appearing in code is no confirmation, as the reasons for it to not be on Apex are most likely due to hardware issues,” FrozenFroh said.

The deathcam is a popular feature in many first-person shooters, including Call of Duty and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It allows players to see how they were eliminated, from which direction, and if their killer was cheating. Plus, players can flex on each other with trick shots and insane plays.

Respawn hasn’t confirmed that the fan-requested feature is coming to Apex. And even if this is something that the devs are working on, it likely won’t be incorporated until season four.