Apex Legends player encounters a friendly Pathfinder running a shop behind a counter

“After this, we should hang out.”

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like one Apex Legends player found their side hustle.

An Apex player was surprised to run into a Pathfinder who created their own storefront in-game reminiscent of a The Legend of Zelda shop. The amazed player posted their discovery on Reddit today and claimed this was the “most fun” they had in the battle royale in a while.

The robot-turned-clerk set up shop behind a counter and carefully organized shield cells, batteries, med kits, and syringes. There were also stacks of ammo, attachments, and body shields for the needy on the floor in front of the counter.

Though the player and his team may have been baffled by the spectacle, they quickly befriended the enemy Pathfinder.

All four players eventually made it to the final ring, forcing their hands into a boxing match. The players dropped their weapons, armor, and heals in preparation for the final duel. While the robot clerk was able to best two of the opposing players in hand-to-hand combat, he eventually fell to the third.

With Apex season four kicking off on Feb. 4, it’s good to see players enjoying themselves with Meltdown coming to a close.