Apex Legends player downs entire team as Gibraltar

He's got your back, brother.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Though Gibraltar isn’t currently one of Apex Legends‘ most-played heroes, one player proved that the legend can still pack a punch when he needs to.

Reddit user lanqG posted a clip of their stellar Gibraltar play yesterday, and it’s been racking up upvotes ever since. The video starts with lanqG running into The Dome by themselves while both of their teammates are looting a good ways away. lanqG sees another team jumping in, but instead of running, they make a true Gibraltar play and stand their ground. They knock the first player, a Valkyrie, before she even hits the ground or has time to react. After that, it’s down to a two-in-one fight. Simple, right?

lanqG then tosses up their shield and gets to work. Their teammates notice the shots and start running over, but it’s clear that they won’t make it in time. No matter—lanqG expertly weaves through the walls of their own shield, taking out the opposing Wraith with a well-thrown Arc Star. They have a little more trouble with the Bangalore, who also knows how to play around Gibraltar shields. At the very last moment, they get knocked down—but not before taking the Bangalore with them, finishing the squad. It’s then that lanqG’s teammates finally make it to the fight, just in time to rez this team-carrying Gibraltar.

Gibraltar’s pick rate currently sits at 3.6 percent when averaged across all ranks, so he’s not really the star of the show right now (that honor belongs to Wraith, who has a 12.6-percent pick rate). Even so, lanqG’s video proves that his abilities and play style still offer ample opportunities to carry your teammates and style on the enemy.