Apex Legends player discovers bug that removes movement penalty while healing

The player wants to help get the bug fixed fast.

An Apex Legends player has discovered a bug that removes the movement penalty while healing but hasn’t revealed how to perform the glitch. The player is hoping to catch the attention of Respawn to help resolve the issue quickly. 

The player uploaded a short clip earlier today of them using various healing items while running at full speed. Usually, using these items slows down the player to balance gameplay. But a new bug allows players to continue moving at full speed. 

Instead of uploading a tutorial on how to replicate the glitch, though, the player has posted the clip of the bug in action to get the attention of Respawn. They hope this will help fix the bug fast and prevent it from impacting gameplay. 

The bug can be replicated with every character, but if Bangalore is hit while performing the glitch, her passive won’t activate. If the passive is already activated, however, you can use the bug to heal while sprinting. Octane can also maintain his boosted speed while using the bug, which means players can heal while escaping danger quickly. 

This new bug can significantly impact gameplay and allow players to heal with ease. Using items normally slows players down, which means they need to decide on moving away from enemies or taking cover to heal. 

Being able to do both is a problem, so many fans hope this short clip will be enough to get Respawn’s attention.