Apex Legends patch fixes bugs, but players still waiting for update to prestige rewards

Fixing bugs is like using a fly swatter: there always seems to be more.

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A new patch came to Apex Legends today, bringing adjustments and fixes to several bugs that have popped up since the beginning of the season. Some of the most-requested bug fixes regarding the game’s prestige system, however, are still being worked on.

Players can now download the small game update, which Respawn also announced on Twitter. The fixes in the update mainly address game crashes caused by certain skins, as well as Vantage being able to do certain unintended things.

Players who use the Heartthrob Seer skin or the Wastelander Rampart skin should now have no issues collecting the banners of their fallen teammates. The skins were causing some players to crash when they attempted the interaction. If one of those skins is your favorite, you should be able to equip it once again without fear that it will ruin your game.

There are also fixes coming to Vantage and her abilities. Today’s update prevents Vantage from using her knockdown shield in the air if she gets knocked by an enemy in the middle of completing an Echo Relocation jump. The update also contains a fix for Vantage’s ADS indicators disappearing if she dies and is respawned by her teammates.

One fix that didn’t come with today’s update was for prestige rewards and how some players aren’t receiving the proper rewards for leveling up. While Respawn publicly announced that it identified what the issue is with player rewards, it said that a fix for the issue would be coming this week. No such fix was included in today’s patch.

Players itching for their level-up rewards will just have to be patient a little while longer. In the past, Respawn has course-corrected such issues by giving players the proper rewards they had missed out on all at once after fixing the problem, and it stands to reason that the devs might employ a similar system here. If players want more insight into when a possible fix will be coming for the issue, they can always check out the Apex Tracker Trello board, where the prestige issue is still in the “Investigating” column.

Many players hope another patch or two will dismantle the rest of the most prevalent bugs in the game so season 14 can roll on with as little disruption as possible.

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