Apex Legends leak hints that crossplay is on the horizon

PC and console players may unite on Kings Canyon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 users may be able to traverse Kings Canyon together soon. One data miner found files that indicate a crossplay feature could be coming to Apex Legends.

Data miner That1MiningGuy leaked the news in a tweet today, explaining that a crossplay feature could pit PC and console players against one another in Apex.


“I’m not 100 percent convinced we’ll see it soon, but did want to show that I found some handling for cross network play using something called Nucleus,” the data miner said. “Also looks like they have a way to standardize the Player Identification across platforms?”

Using software called “Nucleus,” That1MiningGuy said that Respawn seems to be working on a way to fuse PC and console networks together. Files that contain the words “GetPINPlatformID” may hint that Electronic Arts is planning on standardizing Player Identification on all platforms.

Some fans are wondering what’s taken Respawn so long to implement the feature.

“Starting next generation, I see literally zero reason for crossplay to not be standardized,” one player commented on the Twitter thread. “It does nothing but help consumers… More people = more fun.”

Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information, however. But competing shooters like Gears of War 5, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are implementing crossplay, so there might be a little more pressure on Respawn to follow suit.