Apex Legends Global Series Championship adds new legendary skin bundles, will cap prize pool at $3 million

Four new skins and other items will feed into the global prize pool.

Image via Electronic Arts

The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is set to begin on May 22 and Electronic Arts and Respawn have announced that the prize pool is getting a last-second boost from the original $1 million. 

That boost entirely depends on the community, though. Starting today, new item bundles will be launching in Apex’s in-game store that will directly contribute to the global prizing for the event. 

In total, there are four different bundles that will be available until June 1—Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback. A fifth bundle called the Animal Kingdom will combine all four bundles together into one package. 

EA and Respawn will be adding $5 to the ALGS Championship prize pool for each Mechameleon, Boared to Death, Wild Speed, and Silverback bundle sold and $20 for each Animal Kingdom bundle since it contains all four. This boost will cap out at an additional $2 million, potentially bringing the entire ALGS Championship prize pool to $3 million. 

Each bundle will feature one legendary legend skin, an epic banner frame, and one epic gun charm. Here’s the breakdown for each bundle. 

  • Mechameleon Bundle
    • Legendary Pathfinder skin: Mechameleon 
    • Epic banner frame: Change of Colour
    • Epic gun charm: Ancient Guardian
  • Boared to Death Bundle
    • Legendary Fuse skin: Boared to Death
    • Epic banner frame: Wild Swine
    • Epic gun charm: Steely Swine
  • Wild Speed Bundle
    • Legendary Octane skin: Wild Speed
    • Epic banner frame: Wild Spirit
    • Epic gun charm: Cyber Cheetah
  • Silverback Bundle
    • Legendary Caustic skin: Silverback
    • Epic banner frame: King of the Jungle
    • Epic gun charm: Hanging In There
  • Animal Kingdom Bundle
    • Every item from the other four bundles

All five bundles will be available until June 1. The final ALGS Championship prize pool will be announced once they’re removed from the shop.

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