Apex Legends fans collaborate to create 100-page digital artbook for game’s 2nd anniversary

More than 200 artists and writers were involved.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Over 200 Apex Legends fan artists are celebrating the battle royale’s second anniversary with a present to the writers and the community: a 100-page digital artbook.

The endeavor was organized by four creators, who enlisted 225 artists and writers as a token of their appreciation for the battle royale. The end result is a gallery of vivid art that portrays 15 legends, alongside 35 heartfelt letters that expose the impact that the battle royale had in their lives.

Preparations for the anniversary kicked off in late December 2020, according to a letter from the organizers. The goal was to make a secret project to honor “not just the game that we loved so dearly, but the Legends that make it so special,” the organizers said.

Although the organizers anticipated a few dozen to assist with the project, 225 artists and writers contributed, lending their pens and words to create a vivid tapestry of arts in different forms, including brutally honest letters and a gallery of fan art.

The homage includes a slew of letters from community writers and figures who outlined the extent of Apex Legends in their lives. The messages touch on a series of personal topics, such as the representation of experiencing a game through the fellow neurodivergent eyes of Wattson, or finding solace, comfort, and community in the friends made through the battle royale.

The letters are just one part of the book’s allure, however. Sifting through the pages unearths an exhibition of legends in their most diverse forms—209 of them, to be precise—as the brushstrokes and styles of 190 artists depict a gallery of 15 of the legends (Fuse sat out of the project because he was announced after the project started, according to a tweet by organizer Jessica “Jel” Lee).

The tribute caught the eyes of a series of Respawn employees and even made an appearance on the studio’s Twitter account, as well as the official Apex account.

Fans can find a link to the artbook, as well as an explanation on how to download it, on Jel’s Twitter.