Apex Legends exploit completely breaks the rules in Three Strikes

Free kills, anyone?

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players who have been grinding the battle royale’s new limited-time Three Strikes mode have stumbled across a gamebreaking exploit that lets them kill unkillable targets by punching them into the Perpetual Core.

The glitch was first discovered earlier this week and quickly shared on Reddit on Nov. 16, with the Apex player in the video showing exactly how to pull off the free kills.

The biggest problem in the Apex Three Strikes clip is downed enemies shouldn’t be vulnerable to damage in this LTM. The Post Malone-designed mode gives invulnerability to downed opponents and can only be fully eliminated if all of their squadmates have also been downed. But the developers seemed to take the “downed” part too literally and may have forgotten to put invincibility on people who are getting propelled upwards by the turbine under Perpetual Core.

The main point of the new Apex mode is the game isn’t over when you’re downed. You can easily be revived by a teammate during a teamfight, meaning you can come back up several times; and when you do, you return with recovered shields.

With this exploit, since the downed player is already eliminated, they cannot be revived and can only return to the fight again once the whole squad has been wiped.

Apex players are lamenting the discovery of this exploit, with some already claiming this kind of gamebreaking bug probably won’t be patched by the developers. Others are less worried, with many suggesting the bug is pretty situational and won’t have any major impact on the LTM before it returns to the shelves again soon.

However, if this becomes popular and isn’t patched, Apex players could just stop going to the Perpetual Core because they don’t want to be eliminated like the player in the clip—though that does limit the points of interest players can go.

Dot Esports has reached out to the Apex devs for comments on this bug.


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