Apex Legends campers fall victim to their own trap

No one likes campers—not even other campers.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends squad learned the hard way that if you try to get the drop on other squads, you shouldn’t be surprised when they jump you right back.

User Myst_BiteMyToast shared a video showing just that. At the beginning of the clip, their squad was camping one of Storm Point’s gravity cannons, a replacement for jump towers that allow players to propel themselves long distances quickly. As another team landed near them, Myst_BiteMyToast destroyed their squad without even a second glance. After looting them, the squad jumped away from their camping point to the other end of the gravity cannon. But after realizing they were stuck on the wrong side of the Ring, they quickly jumped back to their original point.

As Myst_BiteMyToast’s squad flew back through the air, they were notified that an enemy Ash revealed their position. When they landed on their original camping position, they realized too late that they had been counter-camped by the Ash and her team. They were promptly taken out in the same way that they took out the original squad, resulting in yet another victim of cannon camping. It truly was instant karma.

In response to a comment saying that they deserved it, Myst_BiteMyToast said their squad wasn’t even mad about the kill—they really did deserve it. Most of the other comments agreed, saying that this is absolutely what campers deserve. A few knew what was going to happen as soon as the squad was revealed by Ash, which just goes to show how powerful the newest legend’s abilities are.