Apex Legends bug makes grenades disappear from the HUD

The latest event aciddentally brought a series of grenade glitches to the game.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s not one of Mirage’s holograms: grenades are actually disappearing in Apex Legends.

Some players reported that grenades can go “missing” from their HUD and can’t be equipped. Based on how recent the reports are, the issue likely started after the System Override event, which began on March 3.

The first occurrence shows that grenades can disappear after they’re picked up. The explosives don’t show up in the right corner of the HUD and can’t be quick-equipped with the standard buttons, though the display clearly shows that the ordnances have been picked up. The bug can be circumvented by holding down the ordnance wheel, according to another user.

Another player reported the same glitch, albeit with a different name. In their post, they said that the “grenade disappears before your eyes,” but it’s unlikely to be a separate issue. The footage shows them picking up a grenade in the middle of a firefight. The HUD lights up to acknowledge that they did get the item, but it’s impossible to select the ordnance by using the quick buttons.

This issue isn’t the only bug involving grenades in Apex’s latest update, either. Players also reported that picking up the ordnances will auto-equip them even if you have a weapon out. The behavior usually triggers when players don’t have a gun in their inventory, but the System Override event appears to have changed it—probably by accident.

A third bug also displayed the wrong animations when using a zipline and can accidentally bamboozle players. The footage shows a Crypto interacting with a zipline. He throws his last grenade while still traveling, but once he landed, the game showed its trademark animation for aiming grenades—even if the inventory was empty. The gesture made him believe he still had explosives, which could be confusing.

Another user commented that the issue happened to him as well. “I ran around for a sec with my stupid arm out not being able to throw anything before I switched to my gun,” they said.