Apex game director confirms Ranked Arenas will launch in season 10

Better get to practicing.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ next season is bringing Ranked Arenas, game director Chad Grenier confirmed during the EA Play Live Spotlight broadcast today. The new game mode made its debut in May with the latest season, Legacy, and Respawn Entertainment is doubling down on it.

“We just released Arenas in season nine and in season 10, I can confirm that we’ll be releasing a ranked version of Arenas,” Grenier said. Battle royale “will continue to be a primary focus” for Apex, according to Grenier.

Grenier didn’t offer other details about the upcoming feature other than confirmation. This means that players will have to wait a bit for additional information, possibly during the EA Play Live conference on July 22 or in the build-up to Apex‘s tenth season.

Fans have anticipated a competitive version of the new game mode since its debut on May 4. Before the mode even launched, director of comms Ryan Rigney confirmed that Ranked Arenas “was coming” and that the team was aiming for a season 10 release.

In the build-up to Legacy, Apex embraced the narrative of evolving “beyond battle royale,” an indication of its expansion to Arenas. The phrase appeared in an interview with Eurogamer, but Respawn itself adopted it in an official post for Apex‘s second anniversary and in one of the Legacy reveals.

EA Play Live takes place on July 22. Apex fans can expect more news then, including hints about the next character to join the game.