Apex fans vote to see limited-time mode with OG characters and weapons

Ready to battle it out in Skull Town?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are responding enthusiastically to a Respawn developer’s limited-time mode suggestion.

In a tweet from yesterday, security developer Conor Ford asked if players would be interested in a new limited-time mode. This mode would be a throwback to “OG Apex,” or the state the game was in when it was released. Players would only be able to use base game characters and all matches would be played on the original Kings Canyon layout. Players would also be restricted to day-one weapons with their original stats, as well—sorry, C.A.R. fans.

It turns out that fans are very much interested in Ford’s LTM suggestion. At time of writing, his poll has 29,926 votes, with the overwhelming majority of voters saying that they would be interested in the mode: 91.4 percent voted “Yes please,” with only 8.6 percent voting against the idea.

Ford’s idea also prompted fans to ask for other limited-time modes and features that they’d like to see make a return. Some options include Apex Elite, which allowed players to queue into lobbies that only contained players that made the top-five squads in their previous match, and solos, where players could queue by themselves and play against other single players.

While Ford didn’t share a timeline for the development of an OG Apex LTM, Respawn will certainly take notice of the overwhelming fan support for the idea. Maybe if we all keep our fingers crossed, we’ll be able to run people down with overpowered R-99s in Skull Town in the not-so-distant future.