Apex fan creates a functioning Kraber out of Legos

Bet it still won’t hurt as much as stepping on one.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Kraber is what most Apex Legends players wish to find when they stumble across a care package in the Outlands. Just the sound of the lethal sniper is enough to spark fear in an entire Apex lobby.

TikTok user Snyzertech impressed fans of the battle royale by creating an extremely accurate replica of the care package weapon, made entirely out of Legos. The creation went quickly viral on TikTok, gathering millions of views and likes, with thousands of Apex fans leaving comments in awe.  

What’s most impressive about it is that not only does it look exactly like the real thing, but it also functions like one. 

The Lego version of the game’s most lethal sniper has a working trigger with an accurate reload mechanic made with moving parts. It can even shoot Lego bullets that you wouldn’t want to get in the way of—a clip demonstrates them easily piercing through 12 evenly spaced pieces of paper. 

Snyzertech’s attention to detail didn’t stop there, though. In the video above, he also nails the reload and inspect animations with the correct camera angle. With the addition of some sound effects and lobby music, it’s like Apex come to life. Well, in a Lego form at least.