Apex care packages can land through the ceiling of Hammond Labs—and it’s not a bug

It's an actual feature.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The open ceiling on top of Hammond Labs is the quickest route to the inside of the POI in Apex Legends—and care packages have started taking advantage of that path. Footage shows that care packages can land through the open ceiling and Respawn staff confirmed that it’s an intended feature.

A new video showed that one of the packages dropped precisely through the hole in Hammond Labs, a seemingly impossible (or at least rare) placement. Respawn senior level designer Dave Osei confirmed that it was a deliberate design decision, though. “This won’t be fixed because there’s nothing to fix. Working as intended,” he said.

Hammond Labs is a highly contested area of the map in the early stages of a match. The inside of the laboratory provides good cover from the open areas around the POI, such as Energy Depot and the unmarked Research Basin on the north side of the laboratory.

In the later stages of the match, having a care package drop inside Labs could give a squad a powerful advantage without forcing them to abandon their cover. Giving extra firepower to a fortified squad might be the reasoning behind allowing care packages to drop through the open ceiling.

Although the care package placement in Hammond Labs is intentional, players have encountered several drops that seem within reach but are actually in an out-of-bounds area that counts as one of the pits in Olympus. Osei shared that the issue has been fixed, but pushing out the solution requires a client-side patch.