An Apex Legends streamer is being accused of using aimlock and no-recoil cheats during streams

He has not responded to the accusations.

Screengrab via MOBADOS

While cheating in a video game is pretty bad, it might be even worse when you broadcast it on the internet for all to see.

That’s actually what Argentinian Apex Legends streamer “MOBADOS” is allegedly doing, as a Reddit user pointed out earlier Thursday. In the clip that was posted on /r/LivestreamFail, which has since been deleted by MOBADOS, he uses the Prowler Burst PDW and experiences no recoil while shooting at an opponent in the distance.

In another instance, which was included in a separate video the original poster linked in the comments, MOBADOS again appears to have no recoil when using weapons, and he also tends to snap on to enemies despite not being able to see them through other objects.

MOBADOS is partnered on Twitch, meaning his partnership may be revoked or his channel could be suspended if Twitch catches wind of the accusations and decides to take action. And as of now, it does not appear he has acknowledged the accusations, but there are already several comments on his Twitter with users accusing him of being a cheater.

This article will be updated if new information becomes available in this incident, including a response from either Twitch or MOBADOS.

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