Apex Legends player uses Loba’s ultimate to steal item from enemy team

They never saw it coming.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends player showcased exactly what it feels like to have an item stolen from you by Loba’s ultimate ability earlier today.

An Apex player was looting an area with their team when they found a select-fire receiver attachment. The player picked it up for their teammate and proceeded to drop it on the ground for them. Right as they did this, however, a nearby Loba used her Black Market Boutique ultimate ability, which allowed other players to grab the attachment.

An enemy player using the Black Market Boutique grabbed the attachment just before the player’s teammate could pick up the item. Both players watched as the item flew away in disbelief and had to take a moment to process what happened.

Loba’s ultimate ability allows her to place a portable device known as the Black Market Boutique. The device shows all loot in the vicinity and allows each player to teleport two nearby items to their inventory. When the player placed the item on the ground, it appeared in the Black Market Boutique, which let someone else grab it before the other player could pick it up.

Other players commented on the hilarious situation and tried to figure out how it happened. One player explained that the enemy player using the Boutique likely selected the same item and the game teleported the closest one available. Others believe that the player using the Boutique saw the rare attachment appear and swiped it to prevent an enemy from using it.

Regardless of how it happened, the clip still shows how useful Loba’s ultimate ability can be.