All skins for the Rampage LMG in Apex Legends

The Rampart-made LMG is dropping in style.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Rampage launched in Apex Legends’ 10th season, Emergence, with a famous signature behind it and a twist of its own. Players can charge up the Rampart-made LMG using a Thermite to boost its fire rate and, consequently, its damage output.

Though most weapons hail from a few different manufacturers, the Rampage comes from the hands of one of the most famous modders in the Frontier: Ramya “Rampart” Parekh. Although Rampart usually sticks to modding guns, the Rampage is one of the few weapons actually built by the legend, especially when you take into account her trusty sidekick Sheila, the emplaced minigun she uses as part of her ultimate.

Because of that, players who look into the details of the Rampage will notice the modder’s logo on the carrying handle of the LMG, just like how other guns bear the insignia of their makers. This design is a constant for the most part, but some legendaries, like Rebirth and Raptor Strike, remove it from the cosmetic.

The Rampage only has a handful of skins so far and each half of its legendary designs changes the weapon in its own way. Rebirth and Raptor Strike go for a more sleek look with tons of edges, while Dragon Chaser and Allocated Steel make the grip a bit more round.

Here are all of the legendary, epic, and rare skins for the Rampage LMG.

Legendary skins

Epic skins

Rare skins

All screengrabs via Respawn Entertainment.