All Guardian Angel changes in Apex Legends

It's a big day for the storied perk.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season 14 of Apex Legends is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic in quite a while. Looking to shake up the game’s meta, the team at Respawn Entertainment has made a number of sweeping balance changes, adjustments, and tweaks to help Apex feel both fair and fun. Among these changes are adjustments to some of the game’s gold gear.

Apex‘s gold body shield, gold knockdown shield, gold backpack, and gold helmet carry additional benefits. Statistically, they offer the same amount of protection as purple gear, but each item has a unique perk that’s exclusive to the gold tier. Guardian Angel was originally the perk exclusive to gold backpacks, but it’s getting some big changes at the beginning of season 14.

Here are all of the Guardian Angel changes in Apex.

A change for the better

As of season 14, Guardian Angel is no longer present on gold backpacks. Instead, it’s been moved to gold knockdown shields, where it’s replacing Resurrection. Resurrection, also known as self-res in the community, is a controversial ability that players have been asking Respawn to remove for several months now. Resurrection will now be removed from Apex entirely.

The Guardian Angel ability allows players to revive their squadmates with extra shields and health. Normally, when squadmates are revived, they have no shields and only a small amount of health. Guardian Angel grants 50 shields and an extra 50 health upon revive, making it great for legends like Lifeline and Newcastle who already have passives involving revival. These players will need to start looking for gold knockdown shields rather than gold backpacks to continue reviving players efficiently.

Rather than Guardian Angel, gold backpacks will now come with a new perk known as Deep Pockets. Deep Pockets allows players to stack one additional med kit, shield battery, and phoenix kit into each inventory slot. With a gold backpack equipped, players can stack three med kits, three shield batteries, or two phoenix kits per inventory slot, allowing them to act as a distributor of healing items to their team.

Apex season 14 begins on Aug. 9.